Who We Are
Shedding Light on Data

We believe in the power of data in transforming organizations and driving business.

In a rapid, digitally-connected world, when do you start preparing and making decisions for today's issues and tomorrow's challenges?

Cobena helps organizations thrive in the age of big data through our expertise and data science tools that help understand your current data and predict your company's future to stay on top of your game.

Mission & Philosophy
Our mission is to help organizations create a brighter future through the powerful use of data. We believe in the enabling capability of data science in making informed decisions and effective strategies. Ultimately, helping make successful enterprises smarter than ever.

Helping make successful enterprises smarter than ever

Smarter in Data

Quicker Decision Making

Innovation in all their endeavors

This is made real through our Proprietary IQUAD approach, a 4-step framework proven to work across industries in a variety of disciplines, whether in Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Finance, or Change Management.

Our Proprietary IQuad approach helps our clients take the leap from Data to Insight to Action.

We ask the questions:

What is the real problem or opportunity we are trying to address? What data have you got and what else do you need?


Now that we have seen your data (internal, external, social listening, macro-economic & socio-political), what thought starters can we come up with to help get to the solutions?


Let’s work together to innovate your products, services, processes and more importantly, the mindset of the people in your organization.

Our philosophy :

The people closest to the business know the answers best: they just need to be motivated to find them in the right places!


Let’s bring your ideas to life!

We coach managers and teams on the art of making things happen.

We help create frameworks, tool kits, executional plans, risk maps and then performance coach your team through the different steps!

Are you interested in what Cobena has to offer you?

Our Values
We live out everyday as a commitment to ourselves and our partners.


We place integrity as our highest value. The trust that is given to us by our clients, employees and business partners is sacred. Everything we do will always be guided by doing the right thing, even when it is difficult to do so.


We embrace the sprit of continuously growing and pushing ourselves that we may achieve constantly increasing levels of expertise.


A job is only truly done when our clients are delighted by what we deliver.


We leverage our ability to move with speed and grace as a source of competitive advantage for our organization and for our clients.


Our people are our greatest asset. We hire only the brightest, and encourage them to deliver their best every day, knowing they are empowered and trusted to act in the best interest of our organization and those we serve.


We believe that the best days are still ahead of us. We cultivate our curiousity and harness the power of technology to create innovative ideas, discover new ways of thinking and doing, towards making the world a better place.

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