By Cobena June 22, 2020Data Modeling

Determining halo effect between 2 different brand categories and determining how to optimize advertising and promotions (a&p) spending

This project aims to help the client know if here is a halo effect between Liquid Soaps and Bar Soaps. They also wanted to understand if there are components of the business that are correlated with sales. They also asked to know how they can optimize their A&P spending for both categories (Liquid and Bar Soaps).

By Cobena June 22, 2020Data Modeling

Distribution warehouse location optimization

Distributor warehouse locations have been strategically placed in key centers of economic activity to maximize the operational efficiency of the client’s national distribution network. Because warehouse locations have been based on economic conditions more than 7 years prior to the project, there is a need to validate whether the current warehouse locations are still in key centers of economic activity today.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Market Sizing

Sizing consumer consumption and profiling channel importance per municipality-on a nationwide level

Client wanted to leverage on the power of analytics to come up with a robust demand-supply model for packaged food, having a true bottoms up view of what demand potential is, layered against an understanding of which distribution channels drive volume, across all 1632 municipalities nationwide. The goal was to help prioritize resource deployment against those areas where there is significant demand and huge upsides possible.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Solutions Development, Human:IX

Developing an excel-based planning tool for recruitment and deployment of service teams

The client wanted an Excel based forecasting and planning tool that would help them determine how many service teams they should have at a given month and how many more teams they would need to recruit and train in order to fulfill all the service tickets issued and/or set for specific months.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Social Intelligence, Market Research, Marketing Technologies Solutions

Pinning down the causal factors for an institution’s enrollment decline

The client is recognized as a leading higher education institution in the country. However, the school administration noticed declining enrollment in recent years. To determine the likely causes of the decline, Cobena was asked to perform a wide variety of research on the concerned student enrollment cohort.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Market Mix Modeling

Using market mix modeling to determine how each of the marketing and distribution investments impact offtake

The client has personal care products in various forms: ingestible tablets, hand and body lotion, facial moisturizer, and facial wash. The brand has enjoyed relatively high growth in the past years and would like to replicate their success in the years to come. Through market mix modeling, the client seeks to discover actionable insights based on how their various investments impact offtake and from there, generate strategies for further growth.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Market Segmentation

Understanding market segments and their needs

There was an opportunity to improve branding and visibility, and to tailor-fit offerings and product bundles to tap a local bank’s “new-to-bank” potential customers. This project included a thorough study of market segments, leveraging the strength of the brands within their current ecosystem, and harnessing the possibilities of where the bank can go in the digital realm.

By Cobena June 22, 2020System Integration, Human:IX

Developing a data warehouse and designing end-to-end business performance dashboards

A publishing organization has three different business units: two for print products and one for digital. They were already using a business intelligence tool, but it was met with limited success because it was consolidating data from business units whose datasets were not configured to talk to each other, making it nearly impossible to get actionable insights.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Solutions Development, Human:IX

Creating a tool that can accurately determine service delivery areas, decreasing number of false positive reports

The team previously used a software tool to produce reports that identified service delivery locations and migratable subscribers via its vast network of distribution. The tool, however, frequently reported false positive areas because it only used straight line distances to estimate areas. This incorrect reporting led to wasted time spent checking leads that turned out to be unserviceable.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Customer Experience Analytics, Marketing Technologies Solutions

Using event marketing automation to create personalized messages and experiences to increase event turnout

With it mission to help organizations create a brighter future through the powerful use of data, Cobena organized Data Driven Philippines, the country's first ever Data Summit where leaders of various organizations gather to shape the nation's Data Roadmap. In order to make the event successful, Cobena needed to reach as many leaders from as many organizations as possible.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Social Intelligence, Marketing Technologies Solutions

Social listening and digital strategy development

The company distributes one of the most well-known antiseptic solutions in the market. Since its inception, it has been using mass media to promote its products. As consumer habits become increasingly digital, however, it has recognized the need for a comprehensive digital strategy that would enable it to utilize and maximize the use of online channels. Cobena was tasked to study what is being said about its products and category online, and how best to create a digital strategy.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Digital Audit & Analytics, Marketing Technologies Solutions

Using social intelligence to help define brand growth opportunities

This company would like to direct most of their marketing efforts toward digital marketing for higher ROI. To successful do this, the client first had to find out how two of their brands were doing online and how they can compete against more established brands with significantly more resources.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Optima, Business Intelligence & Analytics

Using location analytics to determine expansion strategy

With the mission of providing affordable yet high quality Senior High School education to Filipinos, this organization wanted to increase their footprint across Mega Manila. Previously, their way of looking into sites is driven by gutfeel. However, knowing that building new campuses is a huge investment, the organization tasked Cobena to develop a more objective, and data driven method of determining potential sites for expansion.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Biomes, Business Intelligence & Analytics

Development of a timely reporting mechanism for on-shelf availability and customer service level data

The client was looking to generate timely and actionable insights from on-shelf availability (OSA) and customer service level (CSL) information. Their Modern Trade teams used to receive reports 6 weeks late, reducing the usefulness of the information. Therefore, they wanted a timelier source of OSA data to have a resource that will provide alerts and actionable insights on the current states of their SKUs.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Pic N Pin, Business Intelligence & Analytics

Identifying school clusters nationwide for more effective marketing activation

Recruitment of school-age kids is a major strategy for this company competing in the food & beverage industry. They had started activating outlets around schools in select areas but wanted to plan and implement nationwide . Client needed an operationally effective way to plan, prioritizing by school cluster and being able to activate in denser clusters first. A complete database of school name and addresses was also a data gap that this project fulfilled.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Gateway, Business Intelligence & Analytics

Forecasting the Philippines’ fastest growing provinces based on socio-economic and geographic indicators in the next five years

As a player in the petroleum industry, Company X does not want to rest on its laurels. Realizing economic growth and development rising in the provinces outside the national capital, they’re interested to find out which are forecasted to grow the fastest and greatest based on a set of socio-economic indicators (gross domestic product, taxes, and household income) for the next five years.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Wargames, Management Consultancy

Conducting a synthesized analysis of the current state and potential for premium wines and spirits in the Philippines

Given the rapid economic growth of the Philippines, this industry leader for luxury wines and spirits aims to further grow their business in the country. In crafting their local strategy, there was a need to gain an in-depth understanding of the market potential for premium wines and spirits. The company also wanted to identify and approximate its potential target consumers, and to uncover insights about their drinking occasions and behaviors.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Strategy, Management Consultancy

Building a masterbrand identity for a leading consumer goods company

A homegrown consumer goods brand with multiple product lines playing in 3 different categories aimed to triple the size of their business in 5 years but faced challenges in low brand awareness and competition from a growing number of small, disruptive players.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Digital Transformation, Management Consultancy

Digital transformation of core commercial processes and digital businesses

Upon the advent of Digital Transformation in the country, it is imperative that organizations embrace this wave of change by ensuring they have plans that will allow them to capitalize and be ahead of the rapid pace of change that is upon us. In order to keep with this quickening shift, the company wants to automate three of its core commercial processes that are currently highly manual, prone to errors, and very time-consuming.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Organization Design, Management Consultancy

Creating a transformed, future-fit marketing organization

One of the biggest consumer goods companies needed to take their organization through a transformation program to make it more future fit & focused on the consumer. The organization’s Marketing team is bogged down by inefficient business processes and administrative tasks which prevent them from focusing on more essential, consumer-centric efforts.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Innovation, Management Consultancy

Creating an organizational design strategy that can support rapid growth and store operations

The client is one of the leading restaurant chains in the Philippines, they aims to double its business in the next five years and to increase profitability. To do so, the company will have to be well-equipped to support the rapid growth and the current operations of their stores. In order to achieve this, the company will have to future-proof the organization, particularly its head office, and achieve organizational readiness by 2020.

By Cobena June 22, 2020Marketing & Branding, Management Consultancy

Creating an end-to-end data management system for sales, marketing, retail, finance, and manufacturing

A leading manufacturing company in the Philippines had multiple data repositories being manually combined into a master database in order to create reports for its respective functional teams. This master database was constantly rebuilt from scratch whenever there was a need to create reports with new fields or specifications. The cycle of building and rebuilding the database eventually contributed to inconsistencies in their data, highly affecting report generation and insight extraction from the company’s data. Management spent too much time in resolving conflicting numbers/sources rather than maximizing opportunities.