Cobena Business Analytics and Strategy Inc.

Our Team

Our Leadership Team

We put the best minds together to work on what matters most to your business.

Our Business Analysts

Composed of multi-disciplinary professionals and creative thinkers, we focus on uncovering actionable insights that lead to innovative solutions.

Our Data Engineers

Managing large and disparate data sets can be daunting. At Cobena, we develop data pipelines and infrastructures to ensure that your data is integrated, transformed, and ready for analysis.

Our Data Scientists

From developing dashboards to building algorithms, models, and systems, we specialize in using data and technology to create breakthrough solutions for complex business challenges.

Our Software Engineers

Many business procedures rely on software, and our team of software engineers design and build systems, experiences, and products that provide real solutions while always keeping our customers in mind.

Our Marketing Technologists

Our goal is simple: use MarTech solutions that help you paint a complete picture of your customer. The MarTech team leverages best-in-class Marketing Technology tools to extract information and insights that drive value for your business.