Competitive benchmarking of your digital estate performance for seamless customer experience

Historical Live Listening, Trends identification & forecasting so you're always ahead of the competition

UX/UI & Customer journey diagnostics across your owned digital assets

Leverage the power
of digital data to
solve business problems
and identify growth

Online discourse by your customers is a rich source of insights. Tweets, posts, likes capture raw emotions “in the moment”, as it happens. These social data are hugely valuable when profiling your brand’s strength against the category and its competitors. You can also pick up where you are ahead or falling behind from a customer sentiment perspective. Do your customers have unmet needs? Are they starting to prefer other brands? Guess no more... “listen-in” on what they have got to say.

Benchmark your digital asset performance against competitors

Who are your real competitors? What are your customers searching for? Who else do your customers consider when they are searching for your product or service? When they get to your digital assets, are they spending time, enjoying themselves? Or are they quickly bouncing off?

Get an overview of the most relevant digital metrics in your category to understand how your assets could have a competitive edge.

Make the most out of what's being said online

  1. Find out what drives conversations about your brand
  2. Identify upcoming trends in your category
  3. Understand customer sentiment and create plans that drive higher customer engagement

Leverage the power of AI and understand how to build the Best Customer Experience

  1. Discover the “how” and “why” behind user interactions
  2. Uncover user struggles on your website and mobile app
  3. Find out the most popular customer journeys that lead to conversion
  4. Optimize your web and mobile app experience with every version and eliminate costly mistakes