By Cobena June 22, 2020Market Sizing

Sizing consumer consumption and profiling channel importance per municipality-on a nationwide level


Client wanted to leverage on the power of analytics to come up with a robust demand-supply model for packaged food, having a true bottoms up view of what demand potential is, layered against an understanding of which distribution channels drive volume, across all 1632 municipalities nationwide. The goal was to help prioritize resource deployment against those areas where there is significant demand and huge upsides possible.


Cobena developed a market size estimation framework considering both demand and supply factors at the level of the municipality. Using Gateway to access multiple data layers (e.g. population, household income and expenditure, environmental indices), mathematical models were created to estimate demand at the municipal level. These were analyzed against existing sales performance across distribution channels to identify and prioritize areas with the highest growth opportunities through interactive dashboards and maps.


  1. 1,600+ municipalities sized on grassroots market potential
  2. 22 distribution channels analyzed
  3. Php 2B+ potential upside by focusing on just Top 6% opportunity areas
  4. Php 14B+ incremental sales opportunity