By Cobena June 22, 2020Solutions Development, Human:IX

Developing an excel-based planning tool for recruitment and deployment of service teams


The client wanted an Excel based forecasting and planning tool that would help them determine how many service teams they should have at a given month and how many more teams they would need to recruit and train in order to fulfill all the service tickets issued and/or set for specific months.


Cobena came up with 2 prototype tools before delivering the final item. To do this, Cobena interviewed the actual, would-be users of the tool, enabling the team to develop a tool that would be truly useful for the client. Cobena used the limited historical data/information (e.g., no. of service tickets, SLAs) from client as baseline for the forecasting. And in turn, the team developed a mechanism that enables the client to archive current data to form their historical data and improves the accuracy of future forecasting.


  1. 1 Tool based in MS Excel for forecasting and planning
  2. Number of teams needed required for maximum productivity