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Harness the power of Big Data and convert multiple data points into information. Distill this information and convert them into ideas that will fuel innovation throughout your organization, helping you get ahead of your competition. Combine the most important sources of data in your organization into a single source of truth, apply thoughtful analytics to it, visualize the data, distribute and democratize the analysis throughout your organization so that business leaders get it at the time when they have to make the most important business decisions.

Gateway: Our Proprietary Geospatial Analytics System

Geospatial Analytics made easy

Leverage on location data and analytics to make smarter decisions faster.

Leader in
Location Analytics


Understand locations by exploring data layers and Points of Interest. Visualize zonal valuation, demographics, road maturity, and ovarlaid with schools, malls, and banks of your choice.


Determine what factors relate to your business success and identify new locations where you are most likely to succeed.


The most recent data from government agencies, non-government organizations, market research firms, scientific institutions; cleaned, curated, and organized for your easy reference.


Find areas most likely to help grow your business by ranking regions, provinces, cities, and municipalities based on what's important to you and your business.


Explore areas where the future could be brightest by looking at our 3-5 year forecasts of various socio-economic indicators.


A constantly growing location database of various business establishments, social services, transport hubs, financial institutions, and many more.

Streamline your business intelligence from solutions architecture to reporting

  1. Improve operational efficiency in reporting and decision making
  2. Maximize insights through interactive dashboards built to enable a data-driven culture for your organization
  3. Engineer technical solutions designed to answer business questions that are relevant to your company

Find the best ways to optimizing your performance and processes

  1. Eliminate Waste, speed up processes, reduce lead times and overhead costs
  2. MUse the power of Linear Programming, Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations
  3. Make your processes more efficient with a wide array of production and management principles and tools

Data collection and consolidation made simple

  1. Digitalize your organization's data gathering workflow
  2. Capture textual, photographic and geospatial data on-the-go
  3. Centralized hub for monitoring and managing data, auto-generated reports, an online dashboard to eliminate manual data handling