Have control and intelligence amidst today’s information overload

Locate your biggest success opportunities with Gateway

Cobena APAC Top BI Solutions Provider

Cobena now part of the honored group of companies, as APAC CIO Outlook's: Top Business Intelligence Provider.

Shedding Light on Data

Whole-Brained Approach to Data Science

Have control and intelligence amidst today’s information overload
Locate your biggest success opportunities with Gateway
Cobena APAC Top BI Solutions Provider
Shedding Light on Data
What We Do
We help organizations create a brighter future through the powerful use of data. We envision a world empowered by data, where true knowledge and understanding is within arm’s reach so that we can help you find simple solutions to your most complex problems.

Our Products
Location-based insights based on the most relevant data points for your business. We are constantly growing our database of over 100,000 points of interests, and data layers on Wealth, Sustainability and Consumption at region, provincial, city and district level.

Discover hidden potential through Gateway's five main functions and interactive maps below:
Opportunities at a Glance
Discover where your competition lies using interactive maps. Choose from over 100,000 points of interests covering banks, malls, schools, central business districts, residential areas and many more. Geographically visualize socioeconomic data to spot insights in their intersections.
Which Areas should I enter first?
Allocate your resources effectively. Grade thousands of districts within a country to prioritize areas based on current socioeconomic data and other parameters of your choice.
What is the best combination of sites to place my business?
Optimize set of sites for your stores and businesses. Minimize cannibalization of sales or supply points when opening several stores or depots. This powerful tool can identify where to supply, by how much, and provide optimum routes for delivery. Select from a suite of algorithms that support business spatial optimization.
Where should you put up your business?
Gain the advantage with an expert tool for site-selection. Discover the best locations for your business. Our cutting edge algorithms can help you make faster, better, fact-based decisions.
Where are the whitespaces of the near future?
Spot emerging cities and localities ahead of the competition. See what areas are growing with optimum predictive capabilities outside of historical sales down to district granularity; allowing you to be at the forefront of every development.
Locations-based business intelligence mobile application for those at the front lines of your business.
Business Analytics Toolbox
End to end development that enables corporations to aggregate seemingly disparate data sets to cohesive, intelligent dashboards that allow you to use the insights imbued in the numbers, so you can decide faster and stay ahead.
Digital Audit & Analytics
Our experienced coaches, and data scientists conduct regular training (public and in-house) to teach the current and next generation of data analysts on a wide variety of topics, business intelligence skills and tools.
Dashboard Development
Our carefully designed visualization tools helps you hone in on the most important KPIs to track and monitor progress towards your success.


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Leader in APAC for our Whole-Brained Approach to Data Science
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