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From Data to information, information to insights, insights to Innovation. We believe that data from different sources: market data, digital, consumer research, industry trend, internal sales, marketing and finance data, data from devices ... when these are collated, transformed, analyzed, visualized and democratized throughout the organization, can be a huge source of insights that can inspire innovation in your products, services, processes, customer experience and even in the mindsets of your team members. Data driven decision making can spark a cultural transformation in your business: one that is sustainable and scalable.

We envision a world empowered by data, where true knowledge and understanding is within arm’s reach so you can find simple solutions to your most complex problems.

Get smarter with Data

Data is all around us. Harness the power of data and eliminate guesswork. Transform your organization with smarter, data-driven decision making.

Fast-track your decision making

In a rapidly changing environment, can you afford to wait? Be ready to make critical decisions supported by facts. Then take the bold leap and get ahead.

Innovate in all your endeavors

From products to services, internal processes to seamless customer experiences. Constant innovation is the only way to remain competitive and ahead of everyone else. Let the insights from data guide you in taking the calculated risks that will put you ahead.

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Geospatial Analytics System

Leverage location data to answer your business questions fast.


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Whole-Brained Approach to Data Science

Marketing Technology Solutions

Reimagine your business in the digital age.

Every post, tweet, like, share ... every click, hover, add to cart ... these reactions from your consumers leaves a digital footprint that can be collected, data-mined, analyzed so that you learn more and more from consumers who are willingly sharing with you their digital footprint so that you can make every interaction with them a truly rewarding, exciting, seamless customer experience.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Steer your business strategy to the right direction.

In a world where data is overflowing ... generated by mobile devices, Point of Sales, IoT devices, internal marketing, sales, finance and supply chain data, digital data from the internet ... millions of data are being generated by in your industry, by your competitors, in your own organization. Make all the data work for you. Find the insights that could help you become more competitive, innovative, productive.

Management Consulting

Spot business opportunities and solve critical issues.

Innovation and strategy, marketing, sales planning, capacity building, change management… We’ve got you covered. Our founders and senior consultants are highly experienced global leaders who have several decades of management experience running top multinational and local organizations.


From deep customer Insights-Translated to a seamless customer eXperience.

Every organization’s Information Technology infrastructure will always be an ecosystem of platforms, customized software, hybrid databases, multiple Business intelligence tools, varying Point of Sales, enterprise wide planning tools... how do you connect all these together without losing sight of the end users and the business decision makers? That’s why there is Cobena’s Human IX: human centered solutions integration: born from deep customer insight: translated to a seamless user eXperience.

Cobena Data Science Academy

Bring out the best in your team.

Learn from the experts who actually get the job done. Our trainers are experienced data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, business solutions managers who are in charge of consulting with our top tier clients across various industries across South East Asia. And yes ... teaching is their passion so they’re very committed to make every training session a massive success! Choose from our wide selection of online, face to face and blended learning programs.


Cobena is on a steep growth trajectory with more than a hundred projects and 50 corporate partners on the road to organizational transformation through data science.

White Papers, Blogs & Media Features

By Cobena June 22, 2020

Determining halo effect between 2 different brand categories and determining how to optimize advertising and promotions (a&p) spending

This project aims to help the client know if here is a halo effect between Liquid Soaps and Bar Soaps. They also wanted to understand if there are components of the business that are correlated with sales. They also asked to know how they can optimize their A&P spending for both categories (Liquid and Bar Soaps).

By Cobena June 22, 2020

Distribution warehouse location optimization

Distributor warehouse locations have been strategically placed in key centers of economic activity to maximize the operational efficiency of the client’s national distribution network. Because warehouse locations have been based on economic conditions more than 7 years prior to the project, there is a need to validate whether the current warehouse locations are still in key centers of economic activity today.

By Cobena June 22, 2020

Sizing consumer consumption and profiling channel importance per municipality-on a nationwide level

Client wanted to leverage on the power of analytics to come up with a robust demand-supply model for packaged food, having a true bottoms up view of what demand potential is, layered against an understanding of which distribution channels drive volume, across all 1632 municipalities nationwide. The goal was to help prioritize resource deployment against those areas where there is significant demand and huge upsides possible.

By Cobena June 22, 2020

Developing an excel-based planning tool for recruitment and deployment of service teams

The client wanted an Excel based forecasting and planning tool that would help them determine how many service teams they should have at a given month and how many more teams they would need to recruit and train in order to fulfill all the service tickets issued and/or set for specific months.


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